Peace Keeper Martial Arts is focused on personal growth of each student. Using our faith as a powerful foundation, we apply the physical martial arts training to develop a well rounded human beings that also become leaders of today and the future.


Shihan James Pierce | Master Instructor

He started studying in Misawa, Japan at the age of 6 and currently 5th-degree black belt in Peace Keeper Martial Arts, Isshogai Ryu Karate Do, and Isshogai Ryu Goshin Jitsu. He has been named as Soke Jo-Dai (trusted advisor) to Isshogai Ryu’s Ni-Dai Soke Carl Scroggs and is the United State Martial Arts Association Director for South Texas under Dr. William Rankin and the Texas Director Matt Antkowiak.


United States Of America Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Instructor or the year 2007, Master of the Year in 2014, Roy Kuban Award 2008, Instructor of the year 2009, Martial Arts World Hall of Fame, Excellence in Christian Martial Arts 2010, United States Of America Martial Arts Association, Apprentice Master of the Year 2009

Sensei Alisha Pierce

Received rank of 1st Degree Black Belt through Peace Keeper Martial Arts in 2012. She is Co-Owner of Peace Keeper Martial Arts and is the Program Director for our “Lil’ Lions Program” which is a detailed curriculum designed to focus on improving preschool-age children’s basic motor skills, listening skills, social interaction, confidence and enthusiasm.

Sensei Pierce is an experienced, and highly motivated teacher that brings 10 years of Retail Sales, Management & Professional Graphic Design Experience as well as over 15 years of Teaching Experience and Classroom Management as a former educator through public, private & non-profit institutions in Louisiana & Texas including: Higgs Carter King Gifted & Talented Charter Academy, My House, Inc., KID smART, Young Audiences, Inc., YAYA, Inc., Arts Council of New Orleans, Remington College and Northeast Independent School District (NEISD). Teaching is her lifelong passion. Her vision is to bring high quality instruction to the young while fostering Christ-centered faith in the families we serve!

Certified – Adult CPR, Child CPR, Infant CPR and First Aid Basics.

Sensei Darren Lemons


“I absolutely love PKMA! We have our 7 & 9 year old enrolled in classes 2x weekly, and will soon be enrolling our youngest in Little Lions. I am so impressed by the dedication our older two children have displayed over the last several months, when at first they were “iffy” with starting the program.”

-Caroline E.

“My son has been attending Peace Keeper Martial Arts for more than a year now and it is amazing the difference in him. He has matured and gained strength and self discipline. Sensai James and Sensai Alicia have an awesome connection with their students.”

-Iman H.

“I love the sense of community you get right of the bat. I like that they’re tough but loving and silly but still with high expectations. I love that respect is earned effortlessly both ways. After only 3 of 4 classes I’ve noticed an improvement in my children at home and they LOVE the nights we have class. We plan on bring around for a while!”

-Patrice B.


We are located in San Antonio, Texas on Tezel Rd. Our history began in New Orleans but when Katrina hit, we packed up everything we had and relocated to San Antonio and the rest is history. Since opening a Martial Arts school in San Antonio, we have been blessed by the love of the community and only hope that we can give back as much as we’ve received.

8112 Tezel Rd.
San Antonio ,Texas 78251
Phone: 210.520.5812
Email: peacekeeperma@gmail.com
Web: www.PeaceKeeperKarate.com

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